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Study tips for medical students who's giving up on writing notes...


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Study tips for medical students who's giving up on writing notes...

Hello everyone,, So the title is basically a self explainatory statements. This fall I'm going to repeat my second year of medical school and I think one of the reasons why I can't handle the stress of studying in previous year is due to my habits of wriitng every lecture notes given by our lecture. I give up and I want to go back to my previous study habits which is by downloading my lecture notes, convert it do PDF, highlight important facts and using brute force memorization. It works previously when I was in premed but I don't know for sure if it'll work this time but I'm hoping if there's anyone out there who's doing the same thing too can give their opinion about it?. Btw the lecturer told me that the exam question is based on lecture notes only. Anything from outside source is helpful but it only help to make me understand the concept better..

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